Value Chain

Annual Meeting with Producers

Grupo Peñaflor Works with over 750 grape producers, thus contributing to the sector’s growth and the generation of employment in the main wine areas of our country.

We organize an annual meeting with our suppliers so as to share with them different aspects that may have impact on the wine sector. Among them: the weather context, the economic and political scenario, the evolution of the worldwide alcoholic beverages market and the latest developments in the wine domestic and international market.

In 2018, 200 of the producers who are part of our value chain participated in the event. Speeches and presentations were in charge of several orators— including Grupo Peñaflor executives, influential industry leaders, journalists, economists and political analysts—.

Training at Vineyards

Grupo Peñaflor Viticulture’s Department works jointly with many of the producers who supply their grapes. As part of the annual work plan, the agricultural engineers’ team conducts trainings for producers at vineyards.

These trainings search to bring suppliers closer to the best practices and to provide an orientation and information exchange space.

Over the last year, the training imparted has included high production trellises systems and the use of spray machines.

Network of Companies against Child Exploitation

The struggle against child labor is an issue that due to its complexity calls for the coordinated action of multiple social and institutional players that must interact and take part in an articulated manner. For that reason, the Network of Companies against Child Exploitation was constituted in the year 2006, with the aim of generating and supporting programs for its prevention and eradication. This Network operates within the sphere of the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and is regulated by the CONAETI.

Grupo Peñaflor has been part of this Network since its very creation, contributing with communication and awareness raising throughout its whole value chain.

Additionally, all the participating companies carry out joint action sharing efforts, resources and experiences, which increases efficiency in child labor prevention and eradication.

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