Our People

Grupo Peñaflor is formed by a team of people committed to the growth of the Argentine wine industry.

Our commercial, viticulture, administrative, productive, enological and logistic teams are specialists in their jobs and feel proud of being part of Grupo Peñaflor.
They constitute a competitive advantage due to their capacity, soundness and creativity and because they are a melting pot of people with different idiosyncrasies and professions. We nurture bonds of trust and a cooperative atmosphere both in our staff and in the community where they live.

Employing Brand

As a company we develop strong bonds with different universities in our country, conducting joint activities that promote the development of the young in our country. Our Management gets close to the students, imparting talks that inspire future professionals who can join our staff. We provide training workshops on different topics and we participate in Employment Fairs organized by universities, governmental entities and several organizations.

Work Climate Management

We conduct a Climate and Commitment Survey, aimed at knowing our workers’ opinion and taking further steps towards creating a safer and healthier work environment for all. We commit ourselves with our employees and their families, making them participate in many activities. Among them, it is worth noting our Best Averages Program, through which we reward our workers’ children with outstanding academic results to stimulate their school performance and learning spirit.

We also involve children in integration activities, such as the Great Little Day, in which children can visit our workplace and share with their parents a working day.


We treasure deep and lasting relations and we base our actions on our Corporate Values: Integrity, Leadership, Excellence, Trust and Passion.

The Management Organizational Competence Model outlines standards related to the behavior and practices desired at Grupo Peñaflor. They support and stimulate the creation of a shared look on how to build an effective, powerful and distinctive culture pattern. The Competences are: Results Orientation, Leadership, Change Management, Learning and Capacities Development, Customer Focus, Critical and Strategic Thinking, Cooperation and Influence.

Within this framework, our cultural dynamics evolves consistently. The introduction of new practices and processes of excellence implies a continuous improvement process, in which both the deepening of organizational competences and the development of new ones are essential to support our business model.

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