Water Consumption

With the aim of ensuring an efficient use of our hydrological resources, we have implemented a rational use of water in our vineyards, installing drip irrigation instead of the former overhead sprinkler irrigation. We have thus decreased the amount of water required per hectare, achieving a higher efficiency in the consumption of this resource.

In the course of our operations, water is treated through a physicochemical separation method, obtaining as a result an effluent fit for agricultural recycling, which is used for the irrigation of our own cultivated lands.

Moreover, we work on a landscaping improvement process and on the creation of green areas in our vineyards next to operations centers. This Project consists in the use of the wineries’ treated effluents to irrigate olives and eucalyptus, which— due to their high water requirements— ensure the reuse of all the water treated throughout the year. Thus, we improve both the visual and air quality of the area, freeing it from CO2 and other contaminants such as particulate matter.

Waste Management

In line with a rational use of resources, Grupo Peñaflor conducts a differential management of harvest organic waste. Great part of the grape pomace and stem generated as a byproduct in the making of wine is used to improve soil and roads, thus we return to the soil great part of the nutrients and minerals that cultivation has removed from it.

Grupo Peñaflor has also implemented responsible packaging measures to reduce the environmental impact of its products. One of the strongest of these initiatives is the use of Eco-Bottles, containers that require lower use of energy and raw material for their manufacturing, which is translated into lower emissions of greenhouse effect gases and a lower generation of waste.

Also, our carton containers have the FSC seal (Forest Stewardship Council) and are certified independently to ensure consumers that the forests materials they are made of are in line with social, economic and ecological requirements of present and future generations. FSC is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit entity created to promote the responsible management of forests.

Grupo Peñaflor manages its waste in line with certified procedures that at all times guarantee its adequate control, manipulation, storage and final disposal. The waste management system is based on its separation at the beginning and the enhancement of recycling through the generation of by-products that can be used in other processes. The main goal is to ensure the identification of each kind of waste, its adequate transportation, temporary storage, withdrawal and finally disposition by authorized third parties, complying with the legal standards and requirements in force at every stage of the process.

Energy Consumption

Grupo Peñaflor understands energetic efficiency as the quickest, most economical and cleanest way of reducing our energy consumption and thus decreasing the emission of greenhouse effect gases to meet the Kyoto protocol goals, a growing demand from different market players.

Energy reduction and management are part of the strategic decisions of our company. Among the defined goals, we can mention:
• Restrict energy consumption in all sectors.
• Measure and monitor the use of energy to establish reference benchmarks and objectives.
• Promote alternative energy sources and technologies.

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