Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

GRUPO PEÑAFLOR respects and is committed to protect the privacy of visitors (hereinafter called the “User”) to www.grupopenaflor.com.ar (hereinafter called the “Site”).

The User’s data and personal information that may be collected by the Site during its normal functioning shall be used for the Web Site’s control and further development, in compliance with Law 25,326 (LAW OF PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION). When the User enters into and operates the Web Site, it is possible that some User’s data—such as name and last name, identity number, tax or social security identification, occupation, birth date and address— may be stored for the purposes of meeting the User’s requirements.
The User may ask for such information to be granted to him or to be removed from the database upon request. In order to do so, the User will have to contact Grupo Peñaflor, Arenales 460, Vicente López, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
However, so as to clarify any doubts, it is expressly agreed that logging in the Site implies that the User has given his/her free and informed consent to GRUPO PEÑAFLOR to collect, store and dispose of his personal data. For all purposes, the User declares to know and accept the content ruled by Article 6, Law 25.326.
The access to and use of the Site are subject to the following terms and conditions and to all the applicable laws. The User may visit this Site for personal entertainment and information. It is expressly forbidden to distribute, modify, broadcast or review the contents of this Site without the express written consent given by GRUPO PEÑAFLOR.
GRUPO PEÑAFLOR does not give any warranties or representations over the veracity or integrity of the content of this site or of the content of any site/s hot-linked to this site. Neither GRUPO PEÑAFLOR nor any of the companies pertaining to it will be responsible for direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages produced by the access to or the use of any content of this site or of the content of any site/s hot-linked to this site.

Except for any personally identifiable information of the User that GRUPO PEÑAFLOR may obtain with his/her consent according to the rules stated in this Privacy Policy, any communication or material that the User may send to GRUPO PEÑAFLOR on the Internet will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary material. Upon sending any communication or material to this Site, the User is accepting that GRUPO PEÑAFLOR or any of any of the companies pertaining to it may use his/her communication for any purpose, including its reproduction, broadcasting, publication, issuing and sending. Furthermore, the User shall refrain from sending or broadcasting any unlawful, threatening, libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or profane or any material that may constitute or encourage behaviours that may be considered as criminal offence or that may violate any law in force. The User must be aware of the fact that any personally identifiable information that he/she may send or broadcast will be treated pursuant to this Privacy Policy.
This Site is built for and addressed to residents of Argentina and all the publicity and claims contained in the site are only valid in such territory.
Every name, logo and mark that appears in this site, except if indicated otherwise, are trademarks which belong to or which are used under license by GRUPO PEÑAFLOR or the companies pertaining to it in the geographical areas where GRUPO PEÑAFLOR commercializes products with such registered marks. The use or misuse of these registered trade marks or of any other content of this site, except as it has been set down in these terms and conditions or in the content of the site, is strictly forbidden.
GRUPO PEÑAFLOR is committed to keeping your personal information safe. We have technical and administrative procedures as well as the proper facilities so as to protect the personal information from loss, misuse or alterations.
We limit the access to personal information to the individuals whose commercial task requires such information. We only keep the personal information for a necessary reasonable period of time.
If we provide your personal information to our outsourcers, we request those companies to protect the information and not to use it for other purpose.
When we collect or transmit private information we use the standard methods for the protection of such information.
GRUPO PEÑAFLOR respects and is committed to protect the privacy of visitors (hereinafter called the “User”) to www.grupopenaflor.com.ar (hereinafter called the “Site”).
GRUPO PEÑAFLOR does not automatically store any information identifying the User. However, access to some of the services offered by the Site may require certain personal data such as e-mail address, name, surname, full address, document number and other optional data, or any other information to individualize the User.
GRUPO PEÑAFLOR collects personal data when: a) The User submits enquiries or comments, b) The User requests information regarding material or c) The User supplies his personal data in the “Work with us” section, etc.
According to legislation in force, every time the User supplies personal data, the User declares this information is personal and true.

All data supplied by the User to the Site will be processed automatically and used, mainly for a) “Work with us”: making a CV database, b) “Contact us”: answering enquiries and comments made by the User.
The User supplies his personal data voluntarily, however, GRUPO PEÑAFLOR expresses that this facilitates the use of the services offered by the Site and relationship with the User. Should the User supply his personal information he accepts and consents expressly and freely, understanding that said personal information will be used for the purposes above mentioned and permits this information to be processed, stored, compiled or transferred. The user also accepts and freely and expressly consents in full agreement with the Terms of this Privacy Policy.
GRUPO PEÑAFLOR warrants that the personal information supplied by the User will be protected by the same security policies used by GRUPO PEÑAFLOR to protect its own information, that this information will be protected indefinitely, so as to preserve the security, integrity and privacy of data considered personal, and that said data will be handled only by personnel authorized by GRUPO PEÑAFLOR. For this purpose, the User is notified of these privacy practices, explaining how personal information is compiled and used.
The User will have access to his personal data to modify, delete or oppose to its processing by notifying the responsible in charge of the database: recursoshumanos@grupopenaflor.com.ar, free of charge.
GRUPO PEÑAFLOR does not share this personal information with third parties.
GRUPO PEÑAFLOR may or may not use cookies and in case they are used, the access to the information by means of them, lets the User have a personalized service since they not only store his/her personal data but also log-in periodicity and the web pages visited thus reflecting the User’s habits and preferences.
The User has the possibility of setting up his/her computer to be informed on the screen about cookies and to cancel their installation in the hard disk.
The User will be responsible for the veracity of the data provided, and GRUPO PEÑAFLOR reserves the right to exclude any User that has provided false data and to take legal action against him.
GRUPO PEÑAFLOR reserves the right to provide personal identifying information when requested to by legal authorities or when there are reasons related to public security, national defense or public health.
These Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy are ruled according to the Argentine legislation. The holder of the domain and the User, with express waive to any other jurisdiction that may correspond, are submitted to the Jurisdiction of the Ordinary Courts and Tribunals of the City of Buenos Aires for the questions that may arouse and the actions that may be taken deriving from the rendering of service by the Site and its services and contents and as regards the interpretation, application, fulfillment or breach of what has been stated herein.

GRUPO PEÑAFLOR S.A. located at Number 460 Arenales Street, Vicente López, Province of Buenos Aires is responsible for this Website.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on March 2017.

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